Wireless failing to authenticate (N220)

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Wireless failing to authenticate (N220)

Postby pebkac » 15/03/2011, 11:25

I have a problem with wireless, but having looked through the many discussions I don't think I've found an identical issue.

I have followed these steps to get Maverick installed on my N220: http://www.stewartpratt.com/?p=443

Now, apart from a couple of minor quirks with the brightness control, all seems well. However, it seems that I can't log on to any more wireless networks.

There is no problem with my home network, which I believe I connected to before installing the Voria drivers. The machine auto-connects to this fine. However, now I try to connect to my phone's hotspot for tethering, I have the same issue I experienced many times during the several attempts to install.

The machine sees wireless networks fine. When authenticating, however, it just churns for 30 seconds or so before presenting me with the login dialog again. (The credentials are correct.) After a few attempts it disconnects. It has never once managed to connect (I have seem some reports along the lines of "keep trying, it'll connect eventually"), and this occurs irrespective of the secirty type (ie WPA2/WEP etc).

Any ideas?

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