N130 Problems with Fn Key

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N130 Problems with Fn Key

Post by WallaceM » 27/03/2011, 15:33

I have just installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my N130 and updated with the Voria updates (Samsung Wireless, Backlight and Tools) - all of these seem to be working.

[strike]Being more familiar with the desktop interface I switched to that for ease of use - or so I thought. It turns out that in Desktop mode (but not Netbook mode) the Fn key works in reverse.[/strike] - Strike that - it's some how related to the user

So hold down the Fn key and type "linux", release it and type "35n4x".

This makes it rather difficult to work!

Has anyone else had experience of this and know of a fix?


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Re: N130 Problems with Fn Key

Post by Woulouf » 04/04/2011, 14:43


Sorry i don't understand the problem.

What really happens when you try to use fn keys ?

Did you set up voria kernel too ?

Type this in a console to check your kernel version :

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cat /proc/version
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