Solution for flicker issue on linux kernel >2.6.38

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Solution for flicker issue on linux kernel >2.6.38

Post by flipreverse » 22/05/2011, 13:27

Hi everybody!

I've got a solution for that flicker issue on a linux kernel newer than 2.6.38.

My system:
- Samsung N220 Plus Marvell
- Installed linux kernel 2.6.38 or newer
- Installed voira modules

- the os tries to reduce the display brightness
---> the display starts to flicker

Since 2.6.38 der kernel maintainer moved the samsung laptop driver from the staging tree to the main tree. Normally the kernel prefers modules from the main tree. i think he doesn't load driver from the staging tree except you force him to do so. As a result the kernel prefers loading this module instead of the voria module (samsung_backlight called).
The samsung_laptop seems not be as good as the voira one.
Now let explain me the solution:

1. edit the "/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf":
at the end add this line: blacklist samsung_laptop

2. edit "/etc/default/grub/" (if you are using grub 2):
search the line with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=. add the following to the string: acpi_backlight=vendor

3. execute update-grub

4. reboot your os


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