Thanks Fortunato!

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Thanks Fortunato!

Post by airmaniac » 03/10/2011, 17:44

Hi folks,

there istn't even a Relese Candidate for Oneiric yet - but Fortunato already did his spell again without any notice :eek: I "accidentially" found the 11.10 branch on the PPA.

Dear Fortunato, thanks for making Oneiric run perfectly on my N130 (with STILL BIOS 05 - afraid to brick my nice netbook...)! You always work (with team?) in the background and don`nt even tell us about your work ;)

Thanks very much once more - and all the best to you!


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Re: Thanks Fortunato!

Post by Woulouf » 03/10/2011, 20:45

Good news B)
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Re: Thanks Fortunato!

Post by voria » 12/10/2011, 17:25

Hi there!
Thanks for the nice thread, very appreciated. :)

Last week I've installed Kubuntu Oneiric on my Samsung NC10... well, it was time to start working on it (BTW, no team, just me). ;)

As I've reported in another thread, I'm trying to get the best from the new kernel available in Oneiric, trying to drop support for the now discontinued and unsupported 'easy-slow-down-manager' and 'samsung-backlight' packages. Without them as dependencies for Samsung Tools, it will be easier in future to have it included in the official ubuntu repositories.

It would be nice to see Ubuntu (actually, any distro out there) to work flawlessy on Samsung netbooks with no need of manual interventions or external PPAs. :P
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