Samsung series 9 90X3C

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Samsung series 9 90X3C

Postby jagguli » 01/10/2012, 3:47

Hi, I just got a new samsung series 9 15" laptop, and I love it, first thing I did was to install my fav distro (arch) on it. So I've got everything essential working great, now there are two things that I need to get working and I cant seem to find any leads on how to get them working.

1. Ambient light sensor
The als project exists but cant seem to find the device.

2. Wlan/Mute Leds
No clue how to get this working, found a few led devices in /sys using find /sys -iname 'led*' but none of them are usable

If anyone has any success getting these working please post the method.


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Re: Samsung series 9 90X3C

Postby hellerbarde » 23/10/2012, 9:22


I have a Samsung Series 9, 900x3c. is that a different model to the 90x3c or did you just mistype?

My tries to get everything working under Archlinux were fairly successful, except those LEDs and the Ambient light sensor.

The funny thing was though, when i started messing around with samsung-tools from the AUR, suddenly the Ambien Light Sensor started triggering the keyboard backlight when I covered it with my finger. I can't figure out how i managed to trigger this behaviour, becaus I am pretty sure that it wasn't like that.

Maybe it was the BIOS update i did a few days ago. (btw, if you didn't yet, you should absolutely do the bios upgrade! it fixed a whole bunch of stuff for me (battery reports charging/discharging correctly and suspend doesn't crash everything anymore)

I'll have a look at that ALS project.


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