Series 5 (ultra) Fn keys

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Series 5 (ultra) Fn keys

Post by NotQuiteDilbert » 13/08/2012, 12:20

Can anyone help get all my function keys working
I've got a new 'ultra' book laptop (np530u3c) and while it's mostly working with ubuntu 12.04 and 'samsung-tools' there's a few little niggles left to sort out

Is there any way to configure the FN key to work properly - it only seems to work with some keys, and is completely ignored the rest of the time.

The current behaviour of fn + key is below
  • f1 - Settings - not working (produces a string of '±' characters when pressed for the first time)
    f2 - Brightness down - working
    f3 - Brightness up - working
    f4 - Swap Screens (not tested)
    f5 - Toggle trackpad - working
    f6 - Volume Mute - working
    f7 - Volume down - working
    f8 - Volume up - working
    f9 - Blank
    f10 - Blank
    f11 - Fan - working
    f12 - Wireless - not working
If possible I'd like f12 to toggle the wireless action, and get f1 todo something useful (like suspend)
I've tried changing the assigned keys in the 'samsung-tools' preferences, but these either get ignored, or the fn key doesn't register

If more information is needed, let me know what and how to get it.

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Re: Series 5 (ultra) Fn keys

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Re: Series 5 (ultra) Fn keys

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