Does Jaunty fix ? :

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Does Jaunty fix ? :

Post by Alex » 27/04/2009, 5:40

I wonder if Jaunty fixes some problems I encountered in 8.10

1. Goggle Earth malfunction. Some letters (digits) in Status bar are missed. In particular, one hardly can read latitude and longitude. All is OK under Windows (I have dual boot).

2. Can the colors of the screen be corrected? Windows has tools to adjust them but I could not find it in Ubuntu.

3. What about slow WiFi and lost of packages? It was mentioned before by some people trying beta version.

Thanks in advance
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RE: Does Janty fix ? :

Post by Maike05 » 27/04/2009, 7:33

Hi Alex, apparently for for people the wifi is fixed but not for me ! It's crappy.

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