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by wout25
08/03/2017, 9:39
Forum: Linux On My Samsung
Topic: samsung-backlight on Ubuntu 16.04.2
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samsung-backlight on Ubuntu 16.04.2


I installed samsung-tools on my Samsung N150 running Ubuntu 16.04.2 with succes.

The problem I have still is the backlight slider doesn't work. Until quantal there was samsung-backlight to fix that, but it doesn't seem to work in xenial.

Has anyone got a fix/repo for this?

by wout25
08/10/2015, 9:48
Forum: Linux On My Samsung
Topic: Error when installing ppa.
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Re: Error when installing ppa.

Hi, The ppa you're trying to download doesn't exist for your version (Vivid). The last version of 'samsung-tools' on launchpad is for 12.04 LTS 'Trusty'. Personally I use 'Quantal' on my 12.04 because this version also has the 'easy-slow-down-manager' and the 'samsung-backlight' packages. They all w...