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Hi from SammyNetbook.com

Post by jezza101 »

I signed up here recently but haven't said hello yet. Some of you may know my Samsung Netbook community site already - I hope so!

I'm Jez, in the UK, and was one of the first to get an NC10 over here :). I don't actually use Linux so don't have much to contribute here I'm afraid but thought it would be nice to say hello. I'll be sending sammy linux fans over this way and hopefully some will pop back to my forum too!

I would also like to mention our wiki, there is a page devoted to NC10 operating systems but there isn't much Linux info yet. I will try and grew this area myself but any help is always appreciated. And I'm sure similar pages for later models will appear!

The wiki is only a week or so old and I plan to add 3-4 pages each week with a view to get a 100 or so up by the end of the year! Perhaps more with some help! If you want to contribute let me know, sign up here although to begin with I am manually approving people who want to add to the wiki - I'll open it up further in the future.

Cheers and I look forward to sending Linux users this way in the future :)

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RE: Hi from SammyNetbook.com

Post by voria »

Hi and welcome!
I know your site and I like it, but it is mainly for windows users, and this is one reason why this forum was born. :)

The wiki is a good idea, but filling it with informations requires time that I don't have, so I'm sorry but I can't help you :(
Anyway, feel free to use any content from my howtos on this forum.
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