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Aspect Ratio on External Monitor?

Posted: 07/12/2012, 2:41
by david
Eyes get tired looking at tiny NB30 display so I found a Viewsonic VA2212M-LED 22" monitor on sale.

The max resolution is far lower on the NB30 than that available on the monitor - so the default is only 1/3 of the available screen space.

I think I need to change the aspect ratio but that control is greyed-out -- anyone using an external monitor?

Thanks! David

Re: Aspect Ratio on External Monitor? SOLVED

Posted: 26/12/2012, 2:57
by david
In Puppy Linux:

Power on.

Go to Menu - Setup -Laptop Tool

Choose the tab for Screen

Click Change Resolution

Click VGA1 & set as appropriate.

Click LVDS1 then click Off.

A new browser window should now open full screen & an E-mail window the same. (Only Seamonkey tested.)