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[NC10] Ram Upgrade...

Posted: 19/02/2009, 14:55
by ingo86
As we know the NC10 is sell with 1 Gb of RAM memory, enough for most of the common users.
However the chipset supports 2 Gb of RAM max, and could be useful for some to change the 1gb module installed with a more capacious one. (the 2Gb module is very very cheap now).

The NC10 has only one slot available, so we need to take off the old 1Gb module. We've to say that the RAM on the NC10 has 533Mhz of frequency, so you could install any other module that supports faster frequency, but your ram will work at 533Mhz anyway.
Voria has just bought a Corsair 2Gb module (VS2GSDS667) with support for 667Mhz frequency for 25€ at and it works fine.

Here is the detailed instructions to make it working:
Reverse the NC10, you could see a small panel with "memory" written upon it. It's closed with a screw. After removing the screw you could notice that the panel will stay attached to the NC10...don't worry, there are two others lateral jagsthat takes the panel attached to the NC10, and a little of muscle is required to take them off.
If you are scared to destroy something (like anyone i assume), I suggest you to leave a bit the panel, use a credit card as a lever and the operation will be smart.
Now you could see a RAM slot, blocked by two small lateral hooks. You just have to pull this hooks towards the outside to unblock it. Now substitute it with the other module and close everything.
To have a confirm about the installation, just restart the NC10 and press immediately F2 to come into BIOS and to see if the new module is correctly installed.

RE: [NC10] Ram Upgrade...

Posted: 24/02/2009, 8:36
by ahmay
Yes.I changed my nc10 to 2GB RAM at once.

RE: [NC10] Ram Upgrade...

Posted: 24/02/2009, 23:11
by ingo86
Very good!
Does it works better now? It should be very awesome if you could show here a detailed report of performance differences between 1 or 2 gb of RAM.
What do you think about it?

RE: [NC10] Ram Upgrade...

Posted: 14/04/2009, 20:16
I upgraded to 2GB of RAM because I was ordering computer parts anyway and the 2GB module was cheap. I haven't notice any difference but then I am not transcoding video or editing large image files.