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Samsung nb30 accelerometer model

Posted: 19/06/2010, 11:29
by erysed
Hello everyone! :)
I need help to find out the exact model of the ST Micro accelerometer mounted on the nb30.
It should be clearly written among the Windows 7 hw/drivers list...unfortunately I didn't write down the model number before wiping out 7 from the hard drive and I really couldn't find out that information on the internet.
Can anybody help?
Thanks a lot!

Re: Samsung nb30 accelerometer model

Posted: 07/08/2010, 16:10
by kwenteen
I've a nb30, with dual boot on it (7 starter, and ubuntu netbook remix)
on windows the only readable infos are :
ST Microelectronics
id : SMO8800
tel me if there is anything else you want, but it seems to be the only usable datas !