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Backlight Samsung R519

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Hi Voria, Hi Board,
I´ve got a problem while using my Samsung R519/719 and Ubuntu 10.10 x86

I´ve Installed every repository (Samsung-Tools, Easy-Slow-down Manager, Nvidia Backlight(or so :)).
I Upgraded the Kernel to the latest version.

Every FN+ * Keys are Working, and they take respond.
(Wireless, Cooler, Webcam, Battery, Touchpad lock, Backlight (ON-OFF), Soundlvl)

But when i want to change my Backgrounglight its only changes from LVL 100% to 90%...

I tried every Tipp in this forum about Backlight problems, but nothing is working.

Thank you guys, I hope you can help me.

Sys Specs:

Intel core 2 duo t6500 2*2,1ghz
4gb RAm
Nvidia geforce g105m (gt218 core) (using propritary Nvidia driver)
Samsung hm500ji SATA

Ubuntu 10.10 x86 (installed with wubi)
Win7 HP 32 bit

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