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Samsung R730

Posted: 16/05/2012, 14:53
by Rick
I've installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop. I've installed the voira ppa too. I've the latest kernel released on the repo and made sure to re-install the voira packages too.
My problem is this: at random intervals, my duo core processor will process heaven knows what at 46% for a time. During this phase, my trackpad and mouse are delayed to unusable. I get better results with a usb mouse, but it's still unusable.
When the mouse works, all is well. But when these mouse delays appear - I hit the roof.
The only distro to date to work for me is Ubuntu 10.04. Even then, when I opened the lid of the laptop (it was in screen black mode on lid closed), the screen resolution would fail and I would have to manually reset it.
Is there anything I can try before I'm forced to buy another machine and abandon my Samsung purchase forever?

I know that the R730 uses integrated graphics card (Doh! I should've checked first!). Are there any BIOS tricks that would help here?