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Debian on samsung [900xb1]

Posted: 22/04/2017, 17:32
by d3f7
I installed "Knoppix" to the hdd, (it's a debian for the most part) with Powertop i can get about 3 hours out of a battery with 80% charge, and i think if i would dim the backlights it will be even more efficient

i'd like to dim the display at night but it looks like voria is for ubuntu? will it work for debian?

I haven't quite figured out how to install drivers for the backlights or the Fn Keys for either the display or the back lit keys. the keys indeed light up brightly when it gets dark, but i cant turn 'em off or dim them down.

also, the display gamma is super high I tried editing the variable in dconf for the gamma but i think the display's gamma output is even higher with a lower number i put in there. i don't know.

Debian (knoppix) has worked out well, bugs i have: when i remove torrents in Ktorrent, KDE thinks I've pulled out the sound card, and offers to forget about the device. If you check the box to stop naggigng you, KDE breaks the audio. also I have to set my timezone to Reykjavik, but thoser knoppix bugs, i think. anyway i think i want to scrap this system and install slackware. but that is even more troubleshooting.