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Brigthness problem on Samsung NC10

Posted: 09/08/2010, 12:20
by Nemorox
Hello guys,

First of all thank you for your wonderful job ;)

I have a Samsung NC10 with Ubuntu. It worked well (in the begining with 9.10) with your specific packages but since a while I have problem with brightness setting (Fn + Arrow up or down).
i upgrade to Lucyd and I still have the following problem :

The screen besomes suddently totaly white. I have to slow down brightness below approx 50% to view the screen.

Re: Brigthness problem on Samsung NC10

Posted: 10/08/2010, 8:46
by Haynes
A totally white screen might be a hardware error too.
The NC10 has some Problems with the display/display cable.
just google something like NC10 white screen to find more infos ;)