FN+VolUp/VolDown/VolMute not working properly on Fedora 21

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FN+VolUp/VolDown/VolMute not working properly on Fedora 21

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Hello fellow Linux On My Samsung users,

First let me introduce myself, I'm a 25 year old boy from the Netherlands, and have been using Linux for 10 years now.
Now I wanted to install Linux on my GF's laptop, a Samsung NP355E7C-S05NL but this wasn't without problems unfortunately.
Myself I'm using Fedora on my own laptop, so I wanted to install this on her laptop as well.
First I tried to install Fedora 20, but this gave a ton of problems, due to kernel problems which were around in the kernel versions used in Fedora 20. These bugs were related to the relative new graphics chip technology (APU's).
Now I installed Fedora 21 Beta, which is quite a stable beta in my opinion. I use it as my daily driver on my laptop as well.
The problem I'm experiencing, and can't seem to get around is with the volume control function key's.
This bug isn't present in Fedora only, but also applies to the latest Linux Mint and Ubuntu.
When adjusting the volume, the keys seem to stick in a infinite loop.
This regulates the volume completely up or completely down, and with the mute is contunuasly mutes and unmutes the sound.
Does anybody have a suggestion on this stange bug?

Greetings Jasper
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