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Battery life 14.04

Posted: 31 Dec 2015, 07:43
by paytonas
I recently bought a new battery for my NP300 laptop but, after 4 months, it's dead and won't charge any more. Ok, it could be a bad battery but, by coincidence, the old (OEM) one went the same way only a few months after I installed 14.04 (around April 2015 - I was a bit slow getting round to the update). There was a rapid decline in the battery performance, which seemed to be fine under 12.04. I still had about 4 hours of autonomy on 12.04 on a 2 year old battery but this plummeted over the course of a few weeks under 14.04.

The new one should still be under guarantee, so I could get a replacement but I'm wondering how much the OS can influence the charging of the battery or whether it's all hardware managed.

Can anyone offer some suggestions or has anyone experienced a similar issue?