AMD64, RTL8192E and Ubuntu 11.04 ??

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AMD64, RTL8192E and Ubuntu 11.04 ??

Post by digital0001 »

This might be a repeated topic, but most posts don't indicate which arch they use so it is hard to find an answer.

Anyone having any success with the wireless card Realtek 8192E on AMD64, if so how?

Any reason why the "samsung-wireless" package is not compiled for AMD64?

Just decided to dump my previous distro and go back to Ubuntu simply cause I could not get the wireless to work... and here I am stuck again with no wireless.

Any one?

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Re: AMD64, RTL8192E and Ubuntu 11.04 ??

Post by Matt__ »

I had similar problems.
this wireless card seems to try and use two drivers at once, so neither work.

open a terminal and

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sudo lshw | grep RTL8192
you will probably get two drivers listed the E version and the SE version.
blacklist whichever you dont require in: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
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